The Barley House Seacoast

2 forks$15-20 Lunch$25-35 Dinner

Cuisine: American

The Barley House Seacoast is the 2nd location of the popular Concord, NH restaurant focusing on simple but creative tavern cuisine, fresh craft beer, and premium whiskey. Similar to the old pubs and taverns of Europe, The Barley House is a gathering place for friends, family, foodies, and of course – beer geeks!

Eat Better.  Drink Better.  Have More Fun.

A Farm-to Table Restaurant

Restaurant Info

43 Lafayette Road

North Hampton, NH 03862



Sunday 11:30 am-9 pm
Monday 11:30 am -9pm
Tuesday 11:30 am -9pm
Wednesday 11:30am-10pm
Thursday 11:30am-10pm
Friday 11:30am-11pm
Saturday 11:30am-11pm