CJ’s Great West Grill

1 fork$10-15 Lunch$15-25 Dinner

Cuisine: Tex-Mex

We Love Great Taste!

We work harder, and you can taste it! When we say it’s “homemade,” we mean made-from-scratch┬«. We develop all of our recipes in our own kitchens, making every sauce, soup, salad dressing, and dessert, right down to hand-peeling potatoes for our own creamy mashed potatoes or our signature Yukon Gold Potato Chips! Now that’s Good ‘n’ Fresh!┬« We stock our kitchens with remarkably fresh ingredients (most from NH-based companies), including our own Reserve Premium Choice Beef, exceptionally fresh Prime Seafood , delivered to us only hours after being received from the sea, and our garden-fresh produce delivered daily.

Restaurant Info

CJ’s Great West Grill

782 South Willow Street

Manchester, NH 03103




Sunday 11:30am-12:30am
Monday 11:30am-12:30am
Tuesday 11:30am-12:30am
Wednesday 11:30am-12:30am
Thursday 11:30am-12:30am
Friday 11:30am-12:30am
Saturday 11:30am-12:30am