Celebrity Chef Spotlight – Chef Peter Agostinelli (Bedford Village Inn)

Today, we'd like to introduce Chef Peter Agostinelli. Chef Agostinelli can boast over twenty years of culinary experience in more than eight different restaurants. His love of food was founded early on in his grandfather’s kitchen here in New England. He claims that his style is grounded in the Italian style with a global infusion of technique and flavor. He further developed his craft at Newbury College and graduated with a Culinary Arts Degree in 1998.

Today Chef Agostinelli is the Executive Chef at the Bedford Village Inn. His craft is outstanding and his philosophy for using only the best ingredients complements the quality standard of the Inn.

"My love of food stems from my love of the ingredients used to prepare it. A perfect tomato or a beautiful piece of pork inspires me. When you are given the gift of something that so many people have had a part in growing or raising, it is the responsibility of the chef to do something with that item to honor it." – Peter Agostinelli

Try Chef Agostinelli 's cooking now through March 31st during New Hampshire Restaurant Week!
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